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We will support you with your topics – in German, English or French - either in Austria, Germany or Switzerland -  and are also available for our customers online.

Nadia Rapp-Wimberger

Senior Partner


Many years of experience as an entrepreneur in the cultural sector

Systemic Coach


Mobile: +43 676 44 00 766



Critical self-reflection is one of the essential requirements for good leadership. Because excellent leadership always begins with self-awareness. We support you in making your change process more successful. And we do not rely on the latest consulting trends, but have a clear focus: you, the person behind the role.



While systemic coaching - our primary approach - focuses on supporting you in finding your own solutions, in Mentoring we accompany you as part of an intensive exchange. Our own entrepreneurial experience helps young managers in particular to avoid mistakes and to better understand their new role. People learn to a large extent from the experience passed by others to them, whereby your individual situation, needs, values, ​​and challenges are taken into account accordingly.


Matthias Compes

Senior Partner

Vienna, Hamburg

Many years of experience in international leadership roles

Systemic Coach and Mediator


Tel: +43 676 8234 1224

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